Active Living / Slow Ageing Facials

  • Urban Facial
    75 Minutes $180

    A modern skincare approach clinically proven to reduce the effect of stress & lifestyle ageing on both skin and mind. Designed to meet the needs of modern multitaskers who live in todays fast paced times & constantly connect on the front line. For people who want to be the best version of themselves while coping with the effects of daily stress, pollution, dehydration, dullness, wrinkles caused by modern fatigue and urban lifestyle. Customizable for your skin.

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  • Hormone Ageing Facial
    90 Minutes $198

    A unique facial to address hormone ageing. Menopause is often associated with hormone changes, which influence our skin and emotions. Some symptoms are thinning of the skin, extreme dryness and loss of skin density. Our physiotherapeutic approach uses eastern and western massage techniques to increase collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production that combat skin thinning and fragility. Science based products with Cell-Support Technology™ regenerates tissue, improves cell communication and skin tone while offering a deep sense of comfort and serenity. An exclusive facial encompassing a hand and arm treatment and specialty eye mask. Hormone changes never felt so good!

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    Included in the Facials

  • Keeping the integrity of the skin is essential when working with anti-aging facial therapies. A thorough skin analysis will direct your skin care therapist of how to best tailor a combination of products to give your skin the biggest impact possible. Your anti-aging facial includes a 5 min. NuFace Trinity Pro treatment to promote lifting and improve skin tone. Our skin care therapists take an innovative approach to help restore vibrant younger looking skin. A tool box of products with the latest technology and ingredients will promote:

    • Deeper exfoliation
    • Reduced wrinkle depth
    • Botox-like effects
    • Firmer skin tissue
    • Increased compactness
    • Complexion clarity
    • Restored verve
    • Diminished fine lines
    • Strengthened skin structure
    • Lessened skin discolouration

    The damaging effect of the sun is what ages our skin the fastest. Even minimal exposure like going from the car to the store will produce sun damage over time. Collectively, age and sun damage deteriorates our skin's elastin fibres causing fine lines and wrinkles.

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