Body care

Cocooning Body Wraps

Our body therapies offer health benefits through manual exfoliation and product ingredients. Each therapy is designed to help with different skin conditions for better skin health. Beginning with a manual exfoliation to reduce dead skin cell build-up, your skin is better prepared to accept products with specific active ingredients which have been integrated into each unique therapy. We finish each treatment with a body product designed to support skin hydration and help maintain the benefits of your treatment.

Reducing/Detoxifying Treatments

Stimulating the elimination of toxins and excess fluid help influence purification and reduction of cellulite. Thalassotherapy and hydrotherapy are extraordinary modalities to help detoxify the skin and will leave you with a sense of balanced vitality.

  • Skin Regimen Body Scrub
    45 Minutes $125

    Our anti-aging body treatment offers exceptional visible results after the very first treatment. A wonderful luxurious creamy texture that is actively designed to oxygenate and nourish the skin, stimulate microcirculation and collagen production leaving the skin feeling velvety smooth, compact and incredibly toned.

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  • Dead Sea Salt Scrub
    40 Minutes $115

    The Dead Sea is known for it's mineral rich salt. This invigorating treatment provides many health benefits helping to stimulate blood circulation and promote skin regeneration by reducing dead skin cell build-up. Your body is polished velvety soft leaving you with an energized, healthy feeling.

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