Hand and foot treatments

Hand and foot health is important. Our treatments are designed to promote good health and well being. At Spa Utopia™ we perform an analysis of each hand and foot and offer recommendations for care as needed.

  • Signature Pedicure
    60 Minutes $103

    Our cherished Signature Pedicure is designed with precise toenail, cuticle and sole grooming care. A salt exfoliation from the Dead Sea helps to remove dead skin cells and remineralize the skin promoting hydration. A slow comforting foot and leg massage will assist with dissolving stress and tension. Toenails are buffed or polished with your choice of Gel Polish or traditional nail laquer, completing this blissful treasure. ( does not include Gel Polish removal )

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  • A blend of alphahydroxy acids work to exfoliate and soften the skin, promoting product benefits. This luxurious pedicure includes a hand and arm massage with paraffin mask, allowing you to relax fully. Next, special attention is delivered to the foot, leg and knee beginning with an exfoliation and Dead Sea leg mask, followed with a paraffin mask treatment, and finally... a tension relieving massage from the foot to the knee. You'll admire the look of your feet after meticulous nail, cuticle and sole grooming foot care techniques. Toenails are buffed or polished with your choice of Gel polish or traditional nail lacquer, for a flawless finish. Feel refreshed to the very sole. ( does not include Gel Polish removal )

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  • Signature Manicure
    60 Minutes $87

    Our Signature Manicure provides meticulous care to hands and nails. A hand exfoliation revitalizes skin, technically correct filing reinforces nail strength and cuticle care promotes health. A massage for the hand and arm including the elbow relaxes the muscles and revives the senses. Nails are buffed or polished with your choice of Gel Polish or traditional nail lacquer to complete our most popular manicure. ( does not include Gel Polish removal )

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  • This detailed manicure begins with a blend of alphahydroxy acids for exfoliating dead skin cells. This action helps to soften skin and promote product benefits. Meticulous work on your nails and cuticles encourages vibrant hand health. A tension relieving massage from hand to elbow offers relaxation and comfort for the entire body. Perfect Sense paraffin infusion mask is ideal for skin nourishment, promoting circulation and helping with joint and arthritic pain. Nails are buffed or polished with your choice of Gel Polish or traditional nail lacquer for a perfect finish. ( does not include Gel Polish removal )

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  • Gel Polish Is a cross between traditional nail lacquer and traditional gel. The result is a gel polish with exceptional durability, strength and shine. Our gel polish wears like a classic, true gel and cures quickly under a LED light.

    4 easy steps: primer, basecoat, colour and topcoat protects natural nails with stronger, long-lasting wear. Like all gel polishes, our gel polish application must be remove with soak off foil remover wraps placed on each nail.

    Add Gel Polish removal only ( hands or feet ) - 15 min $15

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    Gel Polish is removed with soak off foil remover wraps placed on each nail. Gel Polish removal is an add-on service and not included in our Manicure or Pedicure treatments.

    Gel Polish Removal only ( hands or feet ) - 30 min $37

    Gel polish is removed. Nail plate buffed and free edge smoothed. Basecoat or nail strengthener is applied.

    Please note: we do not remove traditional gel or acrylic product

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    Nail Repair (up to 3 nails) - $20*

    *This price applies after our 4 day guarantee and is ideal for 1-3 nails. If more than 3 nails require repair then a full Gel Polish application is necessary.

  • Medical Grade paraffin enriched with 11 vitamins and multiple minerals, and invigorating essences of eucalyptus, mandarin, orange, spearmint and peppermint. This infusion mask heats to a temperature stimulating physiotherapeutic benefits. This treatment mask has an occlusive effect which helps increase skin hydration and assists with relieving painful joints. Feel your entire body slow down.

    Included in the Signature Facial , Luxury Manicure with Paraffin Infusion Mask, Luxury Pedicure with Paraffin Infusion Mask

    Add to any 75 minute spa or salon treatment.

    Feet$45 (not available in the salon)
    Hands & Feet$80

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Products Used

We've sourced the best products from around the world for your hand and foot care:

Spa Ritual Nail Laquer:

  • Vegan
  • Paraben-free
  • No DBP
  • No Toluene
  • No formaldehyde resin
  • Color palette with over 80 shades and 4 seasonal collections

Foot Mousse, technology:

  • Urea & Co-Enzyme Q10 for excellent hydrating properties.
  • Water based product; ideal for diabetic foot care
  • Ingredients to assist with fungal and perspiration conditions

Medical grade parafin:

  • Individual packets for sanitation
  • Occlusive mask to aid with hydration
  • Heat helps circulation, joint and arthritic pain