Medical Facials

Our Medical Facials facials just got better!

Our 3 step system will give you the results you want with little to no down time. As your skin tolerance builds we will step up intensity to advance your results.

We will start with a Medical Facial Consultation - this complimentary service must be booked before your 1st Medical Facial can proceed. To analyse your skin we will use a Skin Scanner, a method used in most cosmetic medical clinics. It is important that we understand your skin's resilience and your concerns before a framework for treatment results can be considered.

  • A Fundamental Facial establishes the groundwork for your skin to respond positively to treatment. Your skin needs time to adjust and strengthen before treatment intensity can be advanced. We use light peel solutions with lower concentrations of enzymes and acids that focus on clarifying clogged pores, brightening skin tone and counteracting environmental impact on the skin to prolong your youthful appearance.

    Purposed to help:

    • slow the first signs of aging
    • detoxify pores
    • diffuse redness and strengthen fragile skin
    • even out skin tone and provide instant radiance
  • Our Advanced Medical Facial encourages skin to resolve problematic skin conditions with moderate peel solutions using medium concentrations of enzymes and acids that focus on acne, aging, hyperpigmentation and even sensitive skin.

    Purposed for building onto Fundamental Facials and helps:

    • firm and refine skin for long term anti-aging
    • decongest and minimize pores and reduce breakouts
    • calm inflammation, irritation and reduce redness
    • prevent discolouration and uneven skin tone

  • The focus of our Transformative Facial is to increase skin cell turnover, remove dead damaged skin cells and accelerate collagen production for stubborn, problematic skin conditions. The goal is to achieve maximum resurfacing benefits for anti-aging, hyperpigmentation, acne and acne scarring. We use proven dermatologic peel formulations blended with the latest scientific peptides for optimal transformation.

    Purposed for building onto Advanced Facials and helps:

    • smooth deep static wrinkles, renew firmness and refine skin for long-term anti-aging
    • re-texturize and reduce blemishes
    • lessen discolouration for long term luminosity, photo damaged skin
  • Purchasing a series of treatments saves you money and ensures that you are committed to regular treatments for ultimate results. Your Skin Care Therapist will advance you through steps of treatment as your skin is ready to take on more intensity. Includes post series evaluation with Skin Scanner.

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