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The Art of Bathing

Hydrotherapy is 'the therapeutic use of water in its three forms, either internally or externally, for health benefits. Simple forms of hydrotherapy include cold packs, hot towels and footbaths. At Spa Utopia, our advanced hydrotherapy and bath treatments take you on a healthy journey to experience the magic of water.

Our exclusive European hydro-tub is equipped with anatomically positioned air and water jets, 8 programmed sessions from which to choose and an underwater, handheld massage wand.

These extraordinary healing water therapies are designed to tingle your senses, strengthen circulation, soothe nerves, improve digestion and balance metabolism.

Note: All session times include consultation and or assessment procedures. You will be provided with disposable undergarments for these sessions, however, you may prefer to bring a swimsuit to wear instead.

  • Utopia Royal Hydrotherapy
    100 Minutes $295

    This soul searching session begins with an exfoliation before soaking in our deluxe jetted hydro-tub enriched with earth mineral salts. The jets will stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory systems. The 60 minute full body Classic Swedish Massage that follows evokes inner silence and stillness

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  • Hydrotherapy Tub Treatments
    40 Minutes $155

    You'll begin with a therapeutic soak in our programmable, European hydro-tub followed by a soothing lotion application. For your hydro-tub experience choose one of the additives described below.

    Relaxation Earth Mud Bath

    This natural bio-mineral complex has been used for centuries as a natural way to ease muscle tension and reduce inflammation, while nourishing and detoxifying the body. This service will soothe the body and soul and soften the skin.

    Rejuvenating Ancient Sea Salt Bath

    This salt comes from deep within the earth, enriched with minerals that soothe and revive. These salts are also known to relieve skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema. High in potassium, sodium, magnesium and other trace elements, this tub treatment leaves you feeling calm, healthy and alive.

    Detoxifying Thalassotherapy (Seaweed) Bath

    Algae's high mineral content stimulates your metabolism and circulation. Benefits include better skin-cell function, improved water and mineral balance and gentle detoxification.

    Aromatherapy Designed for U Bath

    After consulting with your Registered Aromatherapist, a custom aromatherapy blend will be mixed and added to your tub to personalize the benefits to your specific needs.

    Add an Aromatherapy Massage to enhance the effects.

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