2016 - It's the little things...

A new year brings opportunity, change and hope for the future. It's a time to look back at the past year and see how we can improve this year. Most resolutions affect the way we, as individuals, look and feel…but what about the bigger picture - the future of our planet.

As a business we have made a conscious effort to minimize our carbon footprint. We continue to find ways to reduce waste and recycle whatever and whenever we can. Our lightbulbs are energy efficient and we make a habit of turning off the lights in treatment rooms that are not being used. Many of our product lines are ecco-friendly, organic, sustainable and most packaging is recyclable. Our shopping bags are 100% recyclable. Team members recycle all bottles and many bring lunch in a reusable container. Computers that were once destined for the dump are now sent to a recycling facility where refurbished equipment is donated to local charities, low income families and schools, at no cost. With over 65 computers company wide... we think that's pretty awesome!

In 2015, we made two significant improvements towards sustainability; we reduced the size of our Service Directory, so, what was a 32 page 'book' is now only 12 pages.

Also, many of you who visit our Langley salon will notice that the once towering waterfall is now a beautiful living cactus garden. Although the water for the fountain was re-circulating, the energy used to power the pump was a concern and an opportunity for us to make a difference.

Moving forward, in 2016 we will focus on our linen usage and waste. It may surprise you to know that the average spa treatment will use one robe, one bath towel, two sheets and 5 hand or face towels, per visit. Used linens are sorted, washed, dried and shipped to each of our locations each and everyday, while used linens, that can no longer be used in the spas, are donated to local shelters and charities.

Our 2016 commitment to you and the environment:

You will always be guaranteed clean linens during your spa visit and you will always find a clean robe, sandals and one bath sized towel in your locker for your use. If you find you need additional linens, please ask any of our friendly spa attendants.

Small changes can make a big difference - personally and globally....we can do this!

Happy New Year from all of us at Spa Utopia.