Archive Entries May 2015

The Massage Therapy team at Spa Utopia North Vancouver

KELLY SLAKOV, RMT Kelly has been a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) since 2009 after graduating from Utopia Academy. Massage Therapy sparked Kelly's interest at a young age as she admired her mother's career as an RMT. Growing up with scoliosis and recovering from spinal surgery at the age of 13, she received massages regularly and experienced first-hand how massage can greatly enhance the body's healing capacity. Kelly places great value on health…
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Mom's the Word

I came across these wonderful words many years ago, written by Shelagh Stanley. Each year, around Mother's Day, I bring it out and read it again. This year I thought I'd share it with you... "Remember how perfect your Mother was when you were little? She could do anything - tie your shoelaces, brush your hair without pulling it, show you how to print your name, even track down your…
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