Mom's the Word

I came across these wonderful words many years ago, written by Shelagh Stanley. Each year, around Mother's Day, I bring it out and read it again. This year I thought I'd share it with you...

"Remember how perfect your Mother was when you were little? She could do anything - tie your shoelaces, brush your hair without pulling it, show you how to print your name, even track down your lost mittens.

Full of hugs, kisses and patience, she answered all your questions, laughed at your antics, tucked you in just right, and let you eat lots of ice-cream when you were sick. She made the bogeyman go away, cried happy tears over your home-made Mother's Day card and topped your birthday cake with double-fudge frosting. She even made you believe you were pretty with your front teeth missing.

But by the time you became a teenager, Mom's halo had slipped a little. She used heavy words like "responsibility" and your lack of it. She was interested in what you were up to, but she more than occasionally fretted over your school work, your friends and your dates. Bouts of insomnia seemed to hit her every time you stayed out late at a party. You still had friendly chats, but bringing up Mom was getting to be a bit of a chore. How could you possibly relate to a person who wasn't into loud music and pizza? You still loved her but why was she the only Mom in the world who wouldn't let her 15-year-old go on an unchaperoned trip?

Then something amazing happened - Mom grew up. You probably didn't notice exactly when , you were too busy going to college, falling in love, starting a career and furnishing your first apartment. But one day you realized that you and your Mom suddenly had lots of things to discuss - job strategies, social issues, changing relationships and child-rearing. Not that the two of you have stopped disagreeing, but now your occasional spats aren't nearly so threatening. Yep, Mom's matured a whole bunch.

Funny how the face of mother-child love changes. On Mother's Day we all feel like children again. No matter what our priorities and patterns are as adults, on Mother's Day we fondly remember found mittens, sleep lost and a mother's love that linked the two.

It's a good day to acknowledge that Mom will always walk the fine line between hanging on and letting go. So will we "kids".

Mother's Day at Spa Utopia is always special. We understand that your Mom means the world to you and we're honored that you've trusted us to take good care of her. Whether you're sending your Mom to the spa, having tea with your Grandma or taking time to pick up the phone and call someone who's like a Mom to you ... remember, she's the glue - the super glue that holds it all together, the one you can always count on to be there for you.

Happy Mother's Day from all of us at Spa Utopia and Body & Salt.