VIP Suites

At the Pan Pacific Vancouver and North Vancouver locations

Indulge yourself and double your pleasure by sharing your spa experience with a companion. The two of you will enjoy Spa Utopia's first-class services in an elegantly appointed, private VIP spa suite, featuring your own private hostess, a double Jacuzzi, private fireplace, waterfall shower, and your own dining area. The private change room is outfitted with special VIP robes, towels, and sandals.

Should you and a companion wish to book a VIP spa suite, please note there is a minimum charge of $200 for two hours in the suite. This fee does not include the cost of services.

For example, if you book a VIP suite for two hours, you and your companion can enjoy half an hour of relaxation, guided by a member of Spa Utopia's professional staff, with a further half hour after your treatments (or you may prefer to enjoy a full hour of guided relaxation prior to your treatments, or after your treatments). Each of you must also book a one hour service - a massage, facial, body treatment or wrap. (We are unable to perform hair services, manicures, or pedicures in the VIP suites). The total cost will be $200 plus the cost of your services.

As a further example, a three-hour $300 booking entitles the two of you to an hour of guided relaxation, plus the cost of two one hour services each. The total cost will be $300 plus the cost of services.

Based on double occupancy
Two hours:
$200 plus the cost of two, one hour service each
Three hours:
$300 plus the cost of two, one hour services each
Four hours:
$400 plus the cost of three, one hour services each

Enjoy spa cuisine for two in the VIP spa suites:
$110 includes $50 VIP Suite rental (30 min.)