Unsure of which facial to choose? Our skin care therapists give a skin analysis with every facial. We will recommend a treatment that will best benefit your skin.

Let us take care of you and your skin. Let go of the frenzy and nestle yourself in a warm contour bed. Escape with the touch of warm creams and gentle essences. Discover the benefits of our results-oriented treatments with every detail contributing to an exclusive and effective treatment.

Spa Utopia offers you today's most sophisticated and progressive techniques to keep your skin youthful and vibrant. We use a variety of modern skin care products and technologies for healthier, younger skin. Our skin care therapists are highly trained in advanced medical treatments and are able to develop and tailor an individualized treatment plan for you.

Read about our new Medical Facial Treatments.

  • Each season brings some change to the skin. Simple exposure to the environment like sun, wind, pollution, air conditioning & mechanical heat affects the appearance and function of our skin. It is important to preserve the health and integrity of this protective layer. Our skin care therapists conduct a thorough skin analysis each time we see you for a facial. Each analysis allows us to focus on your concerns and any skin conditions which may be present. Our skin care tool box includes products to effectively help address:

    • skin sensitivities and fragility
    • couperose and diffused redness
    • dehydration
    • excessive oil and lack of oil
    • blackheads
    • congestion and detoxification
    • sun exposed skin and pigmentation
    • dull and fatigued skin

    60 min. Designed For U Facial $143
    Experience a gentle therapist touch, soft essences, and tender care to nurture the soul. Focused attention on your skin addresses any visible concerns to deliver the best results possible. Your skin care therapist will design an effortless homecare plan for you to support your skin health at home.

    75 min. Designed for U Luxury Facial $170
    Be embraced with lavish details for caring attention. Wellness starts with a gentle therapist touch, soft essences, stress relieving massage on the face, neck and décolleté, with comforting foot/arm techniques. Focused attention on your skin addresses any visible concerns to deliver the best results possible. Your skin care therapist will design an effortless homecare plan for you to support your skin health at home.

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  • Keeping the integrity of the skin is essential when working with anti-aging facial therapies. A thorough skin analysis will direct your skin care therapist of how to best tailor a combination of products to give your skin the biggest impact possible. Your anti-aging facial includes a 5 min. NuFace Trinity Pro treatment to promote lifting and improve skin tone. Our skin care therapists take an innovative approach to help restore vibrant younger looking skin. A tool box of products with the latest technology and ingredients will promote:

    • Deeper exfoliation
    • Reduced wrinkle depth
    • Botox-like effects
    • Firmer skin tissue
    • Increased compactness
    • Complexion clarity
    • Restored verve
    • Diminished fine lines
    • Strengthened skin structure
    • Lessened skin discolouration

    The damaging effect of the sun is what ages our skin the fastest. Even minimal exposure like going from the car to the store will produce sun damage over time. Collectively, age and sun damage deteriorates our skin's elastin fibres causing fine lines and wrinkles.

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  • Signature Facial
    75 Minutes $170

    With Perfect Sense paraffin infusion hand mask.

    Our Signature Facial is designed with heated gem stones and Japanese facial therapy techniques, intended to encourage the skin to act younger and re-establish balance. These two key benefits help increase blood circulation for skin health and help release muscle tension for relaxation. This is what Spa Utopia™ is all about, transferring a sense of wellness to your entire body.

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  • OxyGeneo Facial
    50 Minutes $160

    Experience a 3-in-1 Super Facial!

    Exfoliate - Infuse - Oxygenate your skin all in 1 facial.
    An innovative technology bringing nature's healing powers to you. Inspired by natural hot springs which are known for inducing skin oxygenation. This process uses a Capsugen that interacts with our skin specific treatment gel and releases CO2 microbubbles on the skin creating a physiological response that increases oxygen to the area and optimizes nutrient absorption.

    Suitable for all skin tones.

  • Back Zone Care
    50 Minutes $120

    The back, an area that is difficult to reach and care for. Expert care helps release toxins, smooth skin texture and promotes beautiful healthy skin. Before your next vacation or special occasion this treatment is a must.

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