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Skin Care Therapy

Body Care

Expect an awakening of the senses, an inner feeling of well-being.


Body Care

Body Wraps & Exfoliation


Let us take care of you and your skin. Let go of the frenzy and nestle yourself in a warm contour bed. Escape with the touch of warm creams and gentle essences. Discover the benefits of our results-oriented treatments with every detail contributing to an exclusive and effective treatment.



Duration: 100 minutes
This is not your grandmother’s rose! The ultimate in luxury to uplift the senses & enrich the body. A complete Rose Ritual for those who want nurturing and a truly pampering treatment. Uplift your mood with a full body exfoliation, hydrating lotion application for layer locking, and an experiential facial, leaving skin hydrated, moisturized, and feeling smooth. This is Rose reimagined!


Duration: 70 minutes
Gemstone clay is a green clay from a remote mountainside on the pristine west coast of Vancouver island. Rich in minerals and 11 varieties of gemstone material including quartz, agate, magnetite and tourmaline. A luxurious clay to help mineralize the skin for hydration. The combined energy of the gemstones promotes balance and calm. Once your skin is exfoliated and the gemstone clay is applied, we’ll cocoon you to maximize the benefits. A facial cleanse followed with the gemstone clay mask and a foot or scalp massage. Completing your experience with a wild yam, chamomile & arnica body lotion for indulgent hydration and softness.


Duration: 40 minutes
The minerals from this invigorating treatment provides several health benefits. Stimulates blood circulation, supports moisture retention & promotes skin regeneration by reducing dead skin cell buildup. Your body is polished velvety soft leaving you with an energized, healthy feeling.